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Sign on to “A New Way Of Building” in a time of climate change and energy transition.

After attending a number of international Passivhaus conferences, I was puzzled that there was not more discussion of a more expansive, holistic embrace of design, construction and operation of Passivhaus buildings similar to that of the International Living Future Institute’s Living Building Challenge. Well, at this past International Passive House Conference a group of Passivhaus folks unveiled the “Memorandum: NEUES BAUEN (A New Way Of Building.)” This memorandum (which I quickly and gratefully signed) addresses the following:

  • The culture of building
  • Minimization of energy use
  • Renewable energy
  • Land use and urban footprints
  • Responsible water use
  • Choice of building materials
  • Socio-economic considerations
  • Certification System
  • Pro-active worldwide advocacy

I encourage all my Passivhaus compatriots to review the document and please join if you feel moved, I know I certainly was.

– Adam

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