Our Work

Passiv Science’s team of high performance building experts will shepherd your Passivhaus multifamily housing project with the project management insight and building science expertise needed to ensure success.

With a proven track record in commercial Passivhaus (aka ‘Passive House’) design and construction, Passiv Science can guide your team through a full-service system of integrated project delivery or provide “a la carte” design and engineering support to your high performance building project.

Multifamily housing, with its advantageous ratio of volume to building skin, makes commercial Passive House design and construction easy to pencil. With Passiv Science’s guidance you can build a Passive House multifamily housing project with unsurpassed comfort, indoor air quality and energy efficiency at cost-parity with conventional construction.

Your building’s sustainability and low energy costs will stand out in the marketplace – big ‘green’ dividends at no added cost.

Passivhaus multifamily housing, commercial Passive House design and construction