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Project Delivery

High performance Passivhaus (aka ‘Passive House’) construction promises unparalleled durability, efficiency, and comfort for commercial buildings. But to realize this promise our industry’s way of delivering projects needs to change. The traditional way of doing things, with disciplines compartmentalized and process fragmented, does not guarantee building performance or cost.

The rigors of high performance building demand integration and collaboration.

Our method of integrated project delivery grew
naturally from our firm’s own cross-disciplinary make-up – a diverse team of experts each recognized in his or her own field, now collaborating to support leading commercial Passivhaus/high performance projects nationwide. (See our brochure here.)

We guide design and construction teams through the entire high performance building process: from schematic design through construction administration to ongoing monitoring and verification of building performance. This rigorous coordination not only ensures project success, it offers owners something increasingly rare in commercial construction: a single “buck-stops-here” point of contact.


Because every project is unique, our process of delivery is flexible, adapting and responding to unique parameters and needs. The following phases serve as a guideline:

Phase 1 – Kick off
Convene team to build foundation of high performance building knowledge, share stakeholder goals and concerns across disciplines, and outline milestones of process.

Phase 2 – Schematics
Work hand-in-hand with project architects, engineers, and contractors to create the best holistic design solutions for the project, guided by Passivhaus building science.

Phase 3 – Development
Finalize the means and methods for how the team will build the project. Conduct the detailed modeling and cross calculations necessary to design the building’s systems with precision.

Phase 4 – Construction
Ensure precise design implementation through training and oversight of the construction team and comprehensive envelope and system commissioning.

Phase 5 – Follow up
Monitor, verify and fine tune the building’s systems for optimal performance, and provide building operators with the clear “owner’s manual” necessary to keep the building running in top condition.