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Patients and medical professionals can benefit more from the indoor air quality and thermal comfort of high performance Passivhaus buildings than anyone.

Because healthy indoor conditions are mission critical, Passivhaus health care facilities feature a constant, 24/7 supply of fresh air. Energy recovery ventilation systems capture and reuse the thermal energy from exhaust air, boosting building energy performance and shrinking ongoing energy bills. Couple this with an advanced Passivhaus building envelope and you get a clean, oxygen-rich environment delivered at a fraction of the operational costs shouldered by conventional health care facilities.

Equipped with 21st century building science knowledge and project management prowess, the experts at Passiv Science will guide your design and construction team to project success. We offer a full-service system of integrated project delivery as well as “a la carte” design and engineering support.

Receive expert guidance for your high performance health care building project from the North American leader in commercial Passivhaus design and construction.

For more, see this Dental Clinic case study.

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