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Passiv Science guides institutional, commercial and large-scale Passivhaus projects nationwide, empowering teams with the expertise and integration for success.

Founder Adam Cohen (Arch, CPHC NA & EU, LEED AP), a nationally-recognized Passivhaus (aka ‘Passive House’) pioneer, has assembled a team of leading building science experts, engineers, designers and project managers with an unmatched track record of large-scale Passivhaus building success.

While our experts offer industry-leading expertise in building science and high performance design, our strengths go beyond the theoretical. We also have the deep understanding of project development, gained through decades of combined experience in completing successful projects, to plug-in to your project nimbly, where necessary.

High performance building depends on cross-disciplinary integration, and Passiv Science’s method of integrated project delivery is a natural outgrowth of our firm’s own cross-disciplinary make-up – a diverse team of experts each recognized in his or her own field, now collaborating to support leading commercial Passive House/high performance projects nationwide.