The World's First Passivhaus Dental Office

First Year Results from the world’s First Passivhaus Dental Clinic!

The results are in! The world’s first Passivhaus Dental Clinic is one year old, and we have the official statistics and measurements available for download. Click the link below... Read More »

There’s a Lot in a Window?

Recently I completed a custom training workshop to a large company on how to use THERM and WINDOW to analyze windows to the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) and... Read More »

Vapour ‘Retarder’ or ‘Barrier’?

Ask anyone who has worked with me in the field building envelope design and/or forensics and they will likely say “Oh, I got yelled at when I called it... Read More »

Creating a Functional Planning Document for Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) and the Relational Contract.

In the world of high performance building design and construction there is a generally accepted two-step documentation process of pre-planning. The first is the creation of the Owner’s Project... Read More »

Assessing Durability of High Performance Building Enclosures

“All Materials are durable. It is the environment we place a material that determines how long it will perform as intended.”-A Wise Building Scientist As we design our building... Read More »