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I would like to announce some very big news for the commercial Passivhaus community. The first Passive House Overhead Door has just been verified by the Passive house institute US! It is recommended for all mainland US climate zones! Passiv Science has been working with Cold Chain Overhead Door of Boise, Idaho to develop an Overhead Door that can be used in Passivhaus Application.

This is big, as I have been angling to get a big box retailer to try PH methods and the OH door a last key piece in this.We helped with the design and testing of this door, which tested out at 0.15 CFM/SF or 19 CFM leakage for a commercial OH Door! The door also has the ability to deliver up to R-40 insulative value and is very non-conductive.

Passiv Science was a key in prompting the development of this door and I would personally like to thank the folks at Cold Chain, LLC for having the vision to work with us to develop this product and the patience to work through the verification process.

Having access to a well-insulated, well sealing overhead door is the last piece in the “big box” puzzle. I have run simulations on a 20,000 sq ft retail store with overhead doors and have found that the reduction of the HVAC load pays for the upgrade to the envelope making the “box” retail store another Passivhaus “no-brainer”.

I have been actively looking for the first box retailer to be ready to do a Passivhaus prototype and I hope this may prompt one to act.

Thank you guys!

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