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There’s a Lot in a Window?

Recently I completed a custom training workshop to a large company on how to use THERM and WINDOW to analyze windows to the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) and PHIUS standards. Throughout the workshop, I kept being reminded just how complex a high performance window can be. As most of us know, windows comprise the… Read more »

Vapour ‘Retarder’ or ‘Barrier’?

Ask anyone who has worked with me in the field building envelope design and/or forensics and they will likely say “Oh, I got yelled at when I called it a vapour barrier.” I’m not sure why and I’m not sure when, but for some reason I get really bothered when people call a vapour retarder,… Read more »

Assessing Durability of High Performance Building Enclosures

“All Materials are durable. It is the environment we place a material that determines how long it will perform as intended.”-A Wise Building Scientist As we design our building enclosures, our understanding of the initial performance of our envelope assemblies is well understood. Whether we are considering thermal resistance, air-tightness or even moisture management, we… Read more »

Thermal Comfort in Passivhaus Buildings

An important founding concept of the Passivhaus standard is maintaining a high level of thermal comfort. Simply stated, the closer interior surface temperatures are to the interior ambient air temperature, the warmer occupants feel (it all stems from the concept of mean radiant temperature). The Passivhaus standard demands a maximum surface temperature difference of 4.2°K… Read more »