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First Year Results from the world’s First Passivhaus Dental Clinic!

The World's First Passivhaus Dental Office

The results are in! The world’s first Passivhaus Dental Clinic is one year old, and we have the official statistics and measurements available for download. Click the link below to download the results: Passivhaus Dental Clinic Year 1 Results (PDF)

Creating a Functional Planning Document for Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) and the Relational Contract.

In the world of high performance building design and construction there is a generally accepted two-step documentation process of pre-planning. The first is the creation of the Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR); the second is the creation of a Basis of Design (BOD). This two-step process is meant to facilitate early team communication and integration. However,… Read more »

Process loads and their impact on PHPP calculations

A guiding goal of an energy modeler is to construct a realistic projection of the energy use of a building. When one is working on the energy model of a Passivhaus commercial building, there are many issues that confront an energy modeler. These issues potentially include such things as: diverse occupancy profiles, large scale diversity in zonal heat gain… Read more »

Passiv Science Air Tightness Protocol

Not long after I began working on large scale commercial Passivhaus projects it became evident that the 0.60 ACH50 air tightness requirement for Passivhaus certification was not appropriate for larger buildings. This metric is a pressurization and depressurization test of the air tightness of the building envelope. It is based on net interior volume, so… Read more »

The World’s First Passivhaus Dental Office

Passive House dental clinic exterior

The world’s first passivhaus dental office, constructed by Passiv Science, was featured on Planet Forward today! Here’s the link to the article: